In May 2018 Forum of Sensory Motion set out on a road trip with a group of diverse artists, performers, photographers and musicians for an interstate, interspecies collaborative art adventure, set in the salty coastal plains of remote South Australia.  All colour photos by David Haines, unless otherwise specified.
 FSM will curate a series of short residencies starting in June 2018 on a houseboat on Lake Tyers. this project is being hosted and funded by  Float  Artist Residency in Gippsland,  Artists include Dylan Martorell, Jannah Quill and Julia Drouin with one more being announced soon.  The works carried out will be collaborative weather and water based experiments involving cyanotypes, hydrophonics, solar powered sound and underwater photography.  FSM and FLOAT will also host an edition of  SASi/ Seaweed Appreciation Society international  in the township of Lake Tyers.
 FSM will be curating a series of mini residencies within the Herbarium at Melbourne University from mid 2019.  More information coming soon.  Image: Algae Scrapbook via University Melbourne Herbarium
 2017 is the inaugural year of FSM, the nomadic iteration of KochiAIR, an artist residency established by Lichen Kelp and Dylan Martorell in Kerala, India in 2014.  In June of this year FSM will travel with artists Belle Bassin, Nathan Gray, Dylan Martorell, Lichen Kelp, and Michael Candy, dancer Benjamin Hancock and writer, curator and publisher, Helen Hughes.  They will be based in Athens, Kithera and Serifos where over a period of six weeks these diverse practitioners will engage collaboratively with the public and each other creating improvised communities and radical experimentation.  These artists and musicians will use streets, airwaves, gallery and digital media to create a common noosphere of sensory activity incorporating robotics, interactive electronics, public lectures, wearable art, kinetic sculpture, performative chemistry and workshops.  Image by Nic Dowse/Honeyfingers  More information on this project here;